Having recognized early in life that learning from books was not for me, I decided to become a coal miner back in the 1980s in the German coal mining industry. The extensive training for this job taught me a wide range of skills from basic joinery, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work to construction. Later on I changed career to work as a caretaker for a housing association and was able to use my many acquired skills and add a few more.





I moved to Scotland in autumn 2005 to run a B&B. I did this for 2.5 years and I added more hands-on skills in day-to-day maintenance.


In April 2008 I decided to start my own business as a handyman to help people in and around Elgin with all their problems indoors and out.


From gutter cleaning, hedge trimming, decking, laminate flooring, tiling, painting, building, housesitting to ...


... whatever your problem - please contact me. I will visit you for a free estimate.